Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hello, Challenges.

How many blogs does a person start before he/she finally settles down and knows exactly where he/she is heading to?
I've done this more times than I am proud to admit. I would have even let the idea go with the wind, but here it goes.  A summer assingment. Write a blog. About Design for Publishing.

Luckily enough, this sets some sort of a frame, making the whole unpleasant process of kicking off again slightly more beatable. Yikes. 

The task I found the most difficult to beat was the title. The problem is, I tried to come up with something extremely catchy and funny before I settled for the area I was going to cover. A few names came and went. I should have realized they were wrong when I caught myself struggling with brainstorming.

I spent several days for my idea hunt having walks around the town and observing.  Why didn't this hit me immediately? I chose walking instead of googling. Observing the real life instead of surfing the web, which, unfortunately, is gradually becoming the main means of publishing as we know it today.

The point is, the offscreen publishing fascinates me so much more. It's real. It's something you can touch, scratch, tear, change or spoil. LIFE can happen to it, and how amazing is that? None of this could ever threaten the things safely stored online. 

In fact, there's plenty of reasons why I, as a human being, as a consumer, as a future designer, don't want to believe the internet is going to monopolize publishing (I don't believe it anyway, but as long as we're a little unsure, let's linger a wee bit longer). And while you haven't left yet, I'm going to encourage you to stay and see why it's worth being a little sentimental.

The funny thing is, my baby offscreen is going to require me to spend even more time staring at my laptop. Oh well. Life happens.

Stay tuned, and look, I'm finally smiling.

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